In 2018, some devotees of Monla Khedrupchen Rinpoche started a project called the Sangchen Ogyen Tskulag Monastery Food Project to help feed the monks and it was later renamed as Monmo Tashi Khyidren Initiative and re-launched on 1st March 2019 to expand the scope of activities of the project – it grew from providing simply food to providing more basic amenities like healthcare & warm clothes. 

Why the name Monmo Tashi Khyidren Initiative?

Monmo Tashi Khyidren was one of the five principle consort of the great Guru Padmasambhava and the only Bhutanese one. She was a close disciple of both Khandro Yeshey Tsogyal and Guru Padmasambhava and dedicated her life to practice and to the service of Buddha Dharma.

The Sangchen Ogyen Tsuklag Monastery in Trongsa was founded by MTK; it was her retreat place in the 8th century. Recognizing her contribution towards Buddha Dharma and taking inspiration and blessings from the Monastery, the initiative was named Monmo Tashi Khyidren Initiative being founded by a woman, to help support as many needy people as possible.



The MTK Initiative among other things aims to provide basic healthcare, clothes and food to the monks of SOTM as primary beneficiaries but there are other beneficiaries that the Initiative aims to support.

Moving forth, it is our hope and aspiration to support the education of children in rural communities.

The MTK initiative also has plans to support in the development of a holistic educational culture for the SOTM such as instituting basic health and hygiene lessons and media literacy classes taking into account the dynamic nature of the world that we live in.



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