Mindfulness is the psychological process of bringing one’s attention to experiences occurring in the present moment, which can be developed through the practice of meditation and other training.

Studies have shown that endless thoughts and worry contribute to mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety, and the young people today have a lot on their mind in trying to keep up with all the superfast development around them leading to the societal concerns of youth related issues such as substance dependence, suicide, rape, murder. It is also proven that mindfulness-based interventions are effective in the reduction of both rumination and worry and that the practice of mindfulness is strongly correlated with greater well-being and perceived health, leading to greater productivity, positivity towards the general outlook of life and creativity. Mindfulness can help reshape the relationship with mental and physical pain, connect better in personal relationships, improves the ability to focus in the moment, decreases stress and tame the monkey mind.

With all these basic benefits of mindful meditation, the immense energy in young minds can be channeled towards creative arts (contemporary drawing and painting) through which they can express their individual imagination and passion. Each perceiver of art may interpret it differently from the other according to their state of mind and other factors which is why art is one of the most fascinating skillset in the world.

Therefore this program will provide the participants with double benefits of mindful meditation through the creative process of making art to improve and enhance the physical, mental and emotional well-being of the young participants.

The various sessions led by practitioners and leaders will teach the art of mindful meditation from the very basics and then subsequently progress to meditation with art. With these sessions, the participants will learn the following:

1. Imbibing the discipline of practicing regular meditation
2. Guidance on the practice of mindfulness and self-realizations
3. Unleashing the power of the mind by representing it through art

The sessions are aimed to be conducted as a mean to empower our youth with the realizations of the nature of their mind to enable them to face the tumultuous world of adulthood with a very positive attitude.

The program will cumulate into a small exhibition at the end as a mark of celebrating the journey into a happy mindful life. It is expected that some of the participants will be inspired to continue their practice and join the more advanced sessions and become peer mentors in the locality or wherever they move on to study/work, creating more Siddhartha clubs and spreading the message of loving compassion and positivity in their surroundings.

To enable the young people to join this winter session, a very generous support of Nu. 150,000 (USD 2,273 approx.) is being sought from any individual who like the founder, HE Khedrupchen Rinpoche, believes that the young people can be agents of positive change through mindful practices.

This modest budget will enable the organizers to provide the young people with simple vegetarian meals and all the necessary materials for the art work. The venue will be provided free of cost by the school and most of the leaders of the program are volunteers as disciples of HE Khedrupchen Rinpoche.

1. Creating a conducive environment for young people to learn and grow – which eventually we hope will reduce the causes of suicides

2. Help young people maintain a relationship with the natural environment

3. Establishing Buddhist values in young minds to help them lead happier lives as adults4. Sharing the wisdom of shakya muni in a practical way.

Some of the methods that will be used are as follows:
1. Organizing talks with learned masters
2. Practicing meditation & mindfulness
3. Teaching Buddhist arts
4. Planting trees
5. Performing practical pujas (favouring the great beings)