Phajo Gonpa Gomde under Lauri gewog, Samdrup Jongkhar was originally founded in late 17th century by the great Yonphu Choje lineage Phajo Karma Tshewang. The monastery is located atop of Phajo Gonpa village that commands a spectacular view of Jomo river(Brahma Putra) and Jomo Kukhar mountain range. The monastery is a revered place of worship for Phajo Gonpa community and devotees around.

The monastery was handed over to Khedrupchen Rinpoche in 2014 and since after Rinpoche had transmitted the Gomchen’s (yogis) to practice Pedling tradition and Dudjom tersar lineage which are unbroken lineages of Padma Sambhava. Latshap(regent) Ngawang Sherab is taking over the monastery in Rinpoche’s present. The monks and yogis engage with pujas and ceremonies for more than 50 days every year for the benefit of sentient beings and the nation.